Hear! – Good News Bible Card


       "There hath not failed One Word
  of all His good promise."
                                       - 1 Kings 8:56

Four thousand years
       of prophecies
Began to be fulfilled
       that night:

The Woman's Seed
       at last had come
So David's Lord
       could claim His throne;
Then Jacob's star
       o'er Bethl'hem shone
To guide royal Gentiles
       to His Light--

And in His Light
       life came to men:
God's Lamb
       was sacrificed, so He
Could cancel
       our inherent sin
And be our curse
upon the tree--

Two thousand years
       have gone, and now
God's final Word
       will come to pass:

When Earth's iniquity
Our King Whom Heaven's
       host surrounds,
Will Shout! And come
       with trumpet sounds
To take His chosen
       home at last.

Lord Jesus, come!
       Lord Jesus, COME-- 
                       -Wanda B. Goines

According to the scriptures.