Signs – Good News Bible Card


Were there signs
     when You came
     the first time, Lord,
     so we would know
     "where" and "when"?

"There were signs
     in Heaven
     and signs on Earth
     and signs
     in the hearts of men:

A radiant star
     and My virgin birth
     and Anna
     and Simeon."*

Are there signs
     when You come again,
     dear Lord,
     that will set
     Your Day apart?

"Yes: folding Heavens,
     a shaking Earth,
     and fear
     in the faithless

For I am the Sign
     men speak against,
     though I came
     Life to impart."

"For I, saith the Lord,
     will be unto Jerusalem
     a Wall of Fire round
     about, and will be the
     Glory in the midst of her." *

But watch and pray
     as your King
     draws near
     and Creation's pangs
     grow strong;

With Jerusalem
     as Earth's,
     focal point:* 
     Look up!
     Shout the Victory Song!" 
                       -Wanda B. Goines

*Luke 2:25-38
*Zechariah 2:5 "
*Zechariah 12:2-6, 14:2