wanda-anna-saw the Lord-rejoiced

The Day I saw the Lord, and Rejoiced

by Anna >> Wanda B. Goines

My name is Anna or (Hannah), and I am called a prophetess. I want to share my most wonderful moment with you: The day I saw the Lord. Yes, I rejoiced that day! I had prayed for it all my life, and that was a long time, a very, very long time. But isn’t our Father in Heaven wonderful, and isn’t He good? He answered my prayer, and I live to see that answer!

First, let me tell you something about myself, so you will understand. My father was an important man, Phanuel, of Asher’s tribe. I was married when very young, and my husband was much older than I. We had no children, and when my husband died seven years after our marriage, I was left without any family. But God was good to me, and my relatives looked after me. I lived first with one and then another, and helped out in the families as best I could. But more and more, I found a real consolation by going to the Temple. I learned to pray, and I listened to the teachers and priests read the Law and the Prophets, and those wonderful Psalms of King David. And I too learned to read, and they let me read those precious Books myself.

Oh, how I poured over those words! They became living words to me, the actual thoughts of our holy and just God. I couldn’t read them enough. The time came when I actually forgot to go home, and spent all my waking hours in the Temple. The days and years went by very swiftly. I prayed, and read, and told others what God was saying to His people through His Word. The Word of God was milk to me, and meat, and honey in my mouth, and He was so close to me, and so sweet, but I actually Lived in His presence night and day. I often forgot to eat – – but our Father sustained me, and shared His secrets with me, as I worshipped.

And I prayed for everyone who came in, but especially for those who loved the Lord, and looked for the Consolation of Israel, the Messiah. I prayed very earnestly and fervently for the Messiah to come.

I grew to be a very old woman in the Temple. I have since added up the years, and found that up to that day I am telling you about, I had lived in the Temple for eighty-four years! Eighty-four years of serving and worshipping God – – but didn’t Enoch walk with God for Three Hundred years before he walked right into Heaven? Eighty-four years isn’t so long (though I am over a hundred years old now) when I look forward to walking with my God for all eternity!

*** *** *** *** ***

One day while I was praying for the Messiah to come, and just worshipping the Lord, I opened my eyes and saw two people. The man was carrying a wicker cage with two doves, probably for the sacrifice of the woman’s purification after her child was born, and the woman was holding a Baby in her arms. I supposed they were there to dedicate this Child to the Lord, as the Law required the firstborn son to be given to Him, and then redeemed back if he were not of the tribe of Levi (because the Levites continued to serve God all their lives).

And then I saw my old friend Simeon come up to this couple, and reach out and hold the Baby in his arms. And even with my somewhat deaf ears, I could hear him praise God, and with my somewhat dim eyes, I could see how excited he was. Just then the Lord spoke to me, and there was a burning in my heart, an excitement I have never felt before. I went over to this little group as fast as I possibly could, and there, there I saw Him! There I saw the Lord!

Oh, how I gave thanks to God in Heaven! Here in front of me was His Son, His beautiful little Son, a Babe in arms, the promised Messiah for Whom we had been praying so long! Here was the Light to lighten the Gentiles and (as Simeon said), the Glory of God’s people Israel! Here was Israel’s hope, and our Salvation forever. Here was the Answer to all of God’s promises throughout His holy Word.

And I saw Him! I would have held Him in my arms, as Simeon did, but I’m too shaky, and I tremble so. So instead I touched His hand, and worshipped Him there, and I thanked God for Him, and all the praise I have ever felt welled up inside me. My heart nearly burst with the joy I felt, and couldn’t find half the words to express.

Ever since that day, and for as many more days as God grants me to walk this earth with Him, I have told, and shall continue to tell, everyone who looks for God’s Redemption, about our wonderful Saviour! Where else can we turn for such hope, such joy? Praise His name forever!